Ultimate Addons for SiteOrigin

Ultimate Addons for SiteOrigin

Author: Munir Kamal

Author Profile: munirkamal

Version: 2.4.2

WordPress Version: 3.9 or Higher

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Ultimate Addons for SiteOrigin

This plugin is not actively developed anymore, we may only update for any security fixes whenever possible

Important: You must activate widgets you need to use from Plugins > SiteOrigin Widgets so that they can be available to use.

This is an Addon plugin for SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle plugin which will add some (and growing) amazing widgets for you to build up your content pages easily using SiteOrigin page builder.

For more info and Demos please visit Ultimate Addons’ Page.

The collection is growing, but here’s what we have so far.

  • Tabs Widget – Now you can easily add tabbed content on any page.
  • Toggle Widget – Will help you add content in toggle.
  • Testimonial Widget – Comes with a custom post type (testimonial) with a widget to display testimonials as testimonial grid or testimonial rotator.
  • FAQs Widget – This also comes with a custom post type for faqs and with a widget to display faqs on any page.
  • Service Box Widget- This is for adding nice service boxes or feature boxes to any page you may have icon or image on top or left.
  • Blog Posts Widget- There are currently 2 blog style widgets which you can use to display post loops to any page.
  • Divider Widget – This will help you to add different styles of divider b/w content sections.
  • Spacer Widget – Of-course some times you need a space b/w content sections, so here it is.
  • Team Widget – Display your team members easily with this widget.

Once you enable a widget, you’ll be able to use it anywhere standard widgets are used. You can manage your widgets by going to Plugins > SiteOrigin Widgets in your WordPress admin.


Each widget has it’s styling options within it same as Siteorigin Widgets.

Special thanks to SiteOrigin for the help in developing this plugin.

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Ultimate Addons for SiteOrigin

Support: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/addon-so-widgets-bundle/

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