Tasty Town MOD APK Download Latest Version

Tasty Town MOD APK Download Latest Version

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Requirements: Android 4.4+

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Tasty Town MOD APK Download Latest Version



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Tasty Town Description

Do you love to cook? The attractive and delicate cuisine always evokes your passion for non-stop eating. When you go out to restaurants, hotels, look sophisticated delicacies always make you admire for its beauty and become passionate about making their own unique dishes. You do not have much time and effort to do even though you have endless spirit and inspiration with food. Secrets right here, Tasty Town. Let’s find out what’s special about it!

Tasty Town MOD APK Download

Tasty Town is a fun and enjoyable playground for everyone. You happy, I am happy, we are happy. Coming to Tasty Town, you can do a lot of work yourself as a senior in the restaurant. Only with Fresh, Farm and Food are the full range of activities for your restaurant and bring the unique flavors of the world to the town.

Tasty Town MOD APK Download

Build a restaurant of your own ideas. Renovate the store, choose to buy furniture in line with the trend is both modern and traditional. Reposition the chair, buy the piano and hire an artist. Adding bonsai, landscaping, and lamps to create a warm and elegant atmosphere, the melodious sound of the piano along with the artist’s seductive voice also contributes to attracting and retaining customers. With a team of skilled chefs full of skill and seniority in the profession. In addition to that, the staff of the service level offers the choice that best suits the taste of each customer. You can meet all your requirements from traditional Asian food to pasta, famous pasta or simply Udon noodles in Japan… all possible. Be made, and make sure the guests are very satisfied with the restaurant.

Tasty Town MOD APK Download

The taste of the whole world in just one cooking game? That’s right – Tasty Town.🍴

And yet it’s so much more than just a cooking game! Your success in Tasty Town starts with 3 Fs: Fresh 🌱 Farm 👨‍🌾 Food 🍔! Grow fresh produce on your farm and take it to your restaurant, where international Chefs will cook their magic in the kitchen to deliver delicious dishes for your customers. Whether on the farm or in the restaurant, don’t worry if you need a hand from time to time. In this cooking game, helping and being helped is part of the experience! Up your game by creating or joining a Chefs Club 👩‍🍳 with friends to improve your cooking, complete events and gain special rewards.

Tasty Town MOD APK Download

Your gourmet customers will get you cooking all sorts of food in this game; from burgers 🍔, pizza 🍕, or sushi 🍣 to cakes 🍰 and muffins 🍪. Keep your farm producing and be ready to cook the perfect dish at all times! Your town is filled with movers and shakers. For those hungry customers on the go, make sure you’re cooking and serving them dinner as quickly as possible, in the game within a game; Tasty Dash ⏱. Remember, to become the ultimate restaurant tycoon, time management is key!

Cooking the perfect taste is one thing, showing off your style is a whole different ball game. Make sure you build a kitchen and restaurant area with decorations 🖼 that show off your unique taste. They go from elegant to absolutely extravagant, take your pick!

🌍 Collect Chefs from different countries and cuisines, level them up in the Academy, and cook tasty recipes.

🐔 Grow fresh vegetables and raise happy animals on your Farm to produce your own ingredients.

👫 Join forces with other players in your Chefs Club. You’ll make friends and become the best in the business!

🚚 Complete orders for your Delivery Truck and use the special items it will bring you to expand your restaurant and unlock Chefs.

🍽 Cater for parties in the Chillout Area to get special rewards.

🏺 Decorate your place with all kinds of decorations. Show off your style!

Tasty Town is FREE to download and FREE to play. However, you can purchase in-app items for the game with real money. If you wish to disable this feature, please turn off the in-app purchases in your phone or tablet’s Settings.

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