Mafia City Mod APK Download for Android

Mafia City Mod APK Download for Android

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MOD Feature: Unlimited Gold & Coins

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Requirements: Android 4.1+

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Mafia City Mod APK Download for Android

Mafia City is a massive multiplayer strategy game that has gained popularity among millions of players around the world. Organize your own gang, hire bandits from other groups and create your own clan with other players. Buy weapons and cars, chat with the most beautiful women and take everything you can reach into your own hands. Mafia City allows you to be the boss who can do anything. However, do not forget that there are similar sharks around. One careless action can be your last. Always think about the future of your gang. Expand your base and conduct outlaw operations, trade weapons on black market and develop a network of connections. Only the strongest can become the head of criminal city.

mafia city mod apk download for Android

Game Features

  • A screen that is HD where you can zoom-in to manage your own Mafia Turf with its awesome graphics. It’s a virtual reality you CAN’T miss out on!
  • A Real-Time Strategy game that requires you to make alliances with other players and constantly improve yourself to take on stronger foes!
  • Magnificent Technology Trees that you’ll need to manage well in order to acquire the strongest Crew Members. There are guns, armored vehicles, bikers, knives, and men who are willing to fight with their bare fists!
  • Extensive Maps that are loaded with
    different enemies and special buildings that are updated weekly. You’ll need to explore everyday in order to become to Godfather!
  • Weekly events that celebrate every culture & push players to think on their feet constantly!
  • Customize your Crew Leader so that he or she becomes the most feared Boss!

Choose Form Your Clan

Gangster world of Mafia City includes four clans. Let us consider them in more detail.

  • Brutal motorcyclists who like to intimidate and rob honest people. They easily deal with enemies. You can join the Night Wolves clan and do dangerous work.
  • Cutthroats. These dangerous bandits go into pockets for pistols whenever they can. They do not know fear and always find themselves in the hottest showdowns. Many players secretly consider this cutthroat clan to be the most interesting in Mafia City.
  • This clan gave the city many famous killers. Use quiet and dangerous killers to solve all your problems, if other means don’t work.
  • Hooligans who share city roads with bikers. Thanks to powerful engines, we can reach any point on game map in a matter of minutes. They roof entire areas and do not like outsiders.

Simple and Straight For Ward Gameplay

The advantage of any mobile strategy is that there is no need to delve too deeply into the gameplay. In fact, these games are analogous to numerous farms and Mafia City is no exception. However, here you can enjoy non-standard setting for this genre. It is one thing to lead a civilization or tribe to victory, and it is quite another to lead a mafia clan! There are not so many games with such a setting and if we talk about strategies, there are almost none at all. Playing Mafia City is very easy. You don’t need to think over every move, as in classic strategies. In fact, you only need to visit the game a couple of times per day and give various orders related to base development of building construction. It is also possible to earn daily rewards, completed quests and other regular missions.

mafia city mod apk download for Android

Get Bonuses With Intuition and Beautiful Girls

In addition to standard mechanics, authors of Mafia City introduced an additional one that is associated with beautiful girls called babies. They can boost your income or other characteristics. However, in order to receive bonuses, you need to guess diamond placement under glasses for several times. Total number of attempts is limited, so you cannot receive bonuses endlessly. At the same time, it is impossible to keep track of glasses movements – everything happens too quickly. So getting improvements from babes is a lottery.

mafia city mod apk download for Android

More About Mafia City

  • Compete to become the Godfather in an awesome strategy game that requires wit and time management!
  • Steal from Banks, form alliances with other players, and fight together to take over the City and the Mafia World!
  • Date Cute Babes who cheer you on daily and heroic Crew Members who support you with undying loyalty!
  • It’s a real-time interactive Turf War with daily skirmishes throughout the year!
  • Collect Luxury Cars to impress both enemies and friends! Race cars in the street as you take down police cars trying to prevent your latest heist!

Four Types of Crew Members You Can Recruit

  • BULKERS: Human Weapons that can defend your other men and devour your foes!
  • SHOOTERS: Gallant Gunners who have the ability to wield all sorts of long-ranged weapons!
  • BIKERS: Get on your Bikes & Ride to the tune of lightning fast speeds and ruthless robberies as the streets these Crew Members zoom through are left in flames!
  • MODIFIED VEHICLES: Vehicles that have been altered to terrorize the alleyways and transport stolen goods!

How to Install Android Game/App in PC (Windows and Mac OS)

Following are the 3 methods (Emulator) to install Android Game/App in PC:

  1. Using BlueStacks App Player
  2. Using NoxApp Player
  3. Using LDPlayer

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