DropBox Free Download For Windows 7/8/10

DropBox Free Download For Windows

Version: 135.4.4221 Latest

Requirements: Windows XP/7/8/10

Author: Dropbox, Inc.




DropBox Free Download For Windows 7/8/10

Dropbox is a free utility software that allows users to store, manage, and share files through the cloud. It seamlessly synchronizes contents across several devices allowing you to easily access your files, whenever and wherever. Users can also upload files across a wide array of file types, and even host group projects and team collaboration. Note, however, that the free service caps at 2GB of storage. Users exceeding this amount must either delete some files or upgrade to an advanced service. Dropbox can also be installed on the new operating system, Windows 11.

How the app works

Dropbox offers a wide variety of services.  With it, you can upload your files and send them to another user by creating an account. However, even if you don’t need to transfer files, you can still use the app as a separate storage hard drive to conveniently store and access files on the cloud.

Upon your first sign in for cloud-based storage, you can download a Dropbox folder where you can save your files. File transfer is very easy, you only need to drag and drop them onto the folder. You can also copy and paste them to your folder. Note, however, that the transfer takes time. The bigger the file, the longer the file transfer.

This tool automatically saves your files after you upload them. Your folder will then act as cloud storage, allowing access from anywhere. You only need to sign in on your account. On top of that, the app works on various platforms, so you can upload or access files from just about any computing device.

All files stored in the app are tightly secured. Your account is locked with a username and password. More, the app has powerful encryption methods to guarantee your data’s safety.

Share and smart sync

As noted, this handy program allows you to share files with another user. Since your files are pre-uploaded to the app, you can send them quickly with a little effort. There are two ways to share a file using the app. The first one is through the system to another user. After you finish uploading your files, you can highlight the ones you want to send and click the share button. A popup will appear where you need to enter the name of the recipient. You can also choose the action that the recipient can do with the files you sent: can edit, can view, or can comment.

You may also share your file by sending the Dropbox link. This method works if the recipient is not a user of this program. To do so, you need to create a shareable link. You need to follow the traditional instructions for sharing a file. Then, instead of including user information, copy the displayed link and paste it into any communication system. You can also share a folder if you need to send multiple files. In your account homepage, select New Shared  Folder, then choose if you want to create a new folder or share an existing one.

All updates in your account are done in real-time. With this, the minute you send a file, the app will notify the recipient. And since the app is built using LAN technology, you can send files, folders, and multimedia between devices without the time and bandwidth costly return to your hardware or the app’s servers.

Dropbox vs. other similar services

In this digital age, it is not the only service offering cloud storage. And while the app is a fantastic choice, there are other options that you can consider. If you are sticking with the basic free option, you can get more storage with Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive, which offers 10GB and 15GB  of storage, respectively. A very generous offer compared to the paltry 2GB that this free tool has.

Google Drive is also a sensible option if you are already embedded in the Google ecosystem. At the same time, if you are a heavy user of Microsoft Word or Excel, using OneDrive is a good move since it can automatically backup your data to the cloud. However, if you are looking for new solutions, you can try Degoo. This app offers a whopping 100GB of free storage at the entry-level.

Still a contender

When it comes to cloud storage solutions, Dropbox has been one of the behemoths for years. The app offers safe and reliable storage in an intuitive environment. Other alternatives provide more generous storage, but when it comes to performance, this is still a worthy contender.

Fix multiple login item issue. Performance and bugfixes for reindex. Minor bug fixes. Egregious typographical error fixes.


  • Fix multiple login item issue. Performance and bugfixes for reindex. Minor bug fixes. Egregious typographical error fixes.
Easy to use Only 2GB of free storage
Files are encrypted Slow file transfer
Smart sync feature
Allows file sharing to non-Dropbox user

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