Top Rated Mobile Games in 2022

Top Rated Mobile Games in 2022

The Google Play and Apple App Stores are overflowing with great gaming apps, but how do you choose which ones to download? There are numerous addictive games that no one can reject, and most game development companies include them in their investment. How do you choose which to download? We’ve chosen various categories for the best mobile games in 2022, including role-playing games, racing games, platformers, strategy games, puzzles, etc. With that said, let’s not waste any time and get to the list.


It’s simple for experienced gamers to be suspicious of Gacha RPGs. However, many people appear to play them, and Raid: Shadow Legends is the 800-pound gorilla of this much-loved and despised sub-genre. You can’t simply ignore it.
It’s hard to ignore a game that looks this good, with stunning 3D visuals and display pyrotechnics accompanying every PVE campaign mission or PVP Arena battle.


Grand Theft Auto V is the world’s most popular mobile game, and it reconfigures the open-world game in a range of ways. It is centred on the GTA game of the same name and is one of the most popular games that transports you to the infamous San Andreas. The three main characters in the story are Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. Each of them has a different character, which frequently results in a new challenging task in the game. The game world is lovely, massive, and, of course, diverse.


If you appreciate a good tower defence game, you should give Rush Royale a shot. It takes the tried-and-true method and adds plenty of nuance and complication. You must assemble a team of magicians and warriors to overcome the enemy hordes, opening up new units as you go. You can develop your plan by selecting a different group of characters to create up your team, but be alerted: you may discover yourself having to adjust it when you take on new challenges.


Monument Valley – particularly its sequel, Monument Valley 2 – is one of those unique video games that has made it into the mainstream. The kind is mentioned in TV shows and is even played by non-gamers.
That’s not to dismiss its clever Escher-like spatial riddles or its touchingly beautiful art style. It’s just to point out that many people, including us, like it a lot.


Genshin Impact is an open-world action job game. This most popular game is a vast, free exploration RPG that can be performed on any device and from any location. So you’d see a pair of magical twins wandering across universes for no apparent purpose when an unfamiliar and intense deity decides they’re too complete with jumping between facts as they please and that this should end.
Consequently, the self-proclaimed goddess abducts one and seizes the authority of the other, trapping them in a foreign place while they search for their sister and a way back home. Genshin Impact allows you to alter characters instead of weapon types; some people use one-handed swords, others ribbons, and still others bring magic books; as a result, you can build a four-person group and switch characters on the fly. When you collect equipment, you can use it to improve your best weapons even more. This also leads to the possibility of a major war.


It is believed as the final deck-building card fighter had finally arrived on mobile. Slay the Spire’s formula has been lifted wholesale by a slew of other mobile games, with varying degrees of success.
On the other hand, Slay the Spire continues to rule the roost with its perceptive yet intense and diverse card-based weapon system.


Quality online shooters abound on both Android and iOS, but Call of Duty: Mobile is undoubtedly the most comprehensive package. It combines a slick, quickly multiplayer shooter with a more extensive Battle Royale mode.
It all looks and keeps moving brilliantly, with excellent controller assistance and many modes to experiment with.


Among Us is a free-to-play online crime story that demands careful interaction and many dirty tricks. Join your friends in preparing your spaceship for leaving, but keep an eye out for the imposter. Unless it’s you, in which particular instance you should go ahead and kill your team. In over 100 countries, PUBG Mobile is among the most famous smartphone games. This game is built around intense shooter gameplay.
This qualified mobile port of the original PC game is accessible in both first-person and third-person perspectives. This game has a lot to offer, including a wide range of battle royale maps and upcoming updates in 2022.
When the PC version of PUBG was released, it was a relatively new concept of battle royale in which players would arrive on an unfamiliar island and compete to be the best. The area steadily shrinks to bring the players closer together.


Clash Royale is the game that inspired a thousand imitators, combines a card-battling approach with MOBA-style base raiding. Playing cards here causes 3D units to appear on a two-lane battlefield. The display, learning curve, and stability are all outstanding, as is so often the case with Supercell’s games.


The Room and its three sequels are among the most visually appealing, tactile, and atmospheric locked-box puzzlers available on any framework.
Technically, The Room: Old Sins is the most recent and best of the four. But, in reality, you should begin with the first episode of The Room and work your way through. You will not be sorry.


In 2022, it will be among the most famous games. Candy Crush Saga is as delicious as cake and twice as highly addictive as beer. This user-favourite and most-played mobile game in the world is a terrific way to pass the time, especially if you’re frustrated or on a date night. That started as a simple Bejeweled clone, but it now competes for everybody’s fame and publicity! Candy Crush Saga, one of the best mobile games in 2022, has the potential to become one of the costly habits. Climbing to the top of the rankings requires a lot of cheats, tricks, tips, and innovative strategies.


There are three Reigns games available on iOS and Android, and they are all great examples of how to modernize the narrative-driven adventure theme for a mobile gaming audience.
The key, it appears, was to include a heavy dose of humor and a card-swiping process control directly lifted from the Grindr dating app.


The good times don’t stop at Subway Surfers. Since its discharge in 2012, this has been a blockbuster game that celebrates the street culture and occasionally tops the computer game charts. It includes the character running indefinitely to avoid being apprehended by a cop and his dog. You can sidestep vehicles and trains while racing along different racetracks using incredible panels and jetpacks. There’s always a new experience to look forward to at every stage. Season hunts, missions, and over 20+ exciting characters and boards would be available at various levels. If you want to set a new top score, don’t ignore using the magnet The Ultimate Coin Collecting Tool. The key is to collect bonuses and beat your previous total score every time.

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