Top 5 tips to make money online in 2022

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In 2022, everybody dreams about making money online and live a life with freedom but there is no shortcut to achieving something in this world. I have been striking my nose for almost 6 years with different ideas to make online money and today I am making more than 200,000/month and living a life with freedom.

I have been working for different companies & employers for more than 1o years and I have been asking my self the two questions that every one of you will be asking yourself!

How can I make real money online?

What can I do online to make money?


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So if you are planning to start making money online and looking for some ideas and tips. Below are the Top 5 tips to make money online in 2020.

1- Freelancing

If you are good at something, enjoy writing, managing Facebook pages, or doing a little bit of graphic design in your spare time, you can turn this enjoyable activity into a business that will earn you a regular money by doing some freelance work in your spare time.

how to make money online

Tip # 1:

You can signup with different freelancing portals i.e., or etc. list your skillset in detail, and start applying on jobs matching your skillset.

2- Sell Online Courses & eBooks

If you have any skill you can teach others, you can set up a course online and sell it for a good price. Also; if you love writing books, stories, any information that you think will help others you can write an eBook and upload it for selling.

Believe me, your eBook or a course online will make you handsome money as a loyalty fee per month, and maybe you will start considering leaving your job.

how to make money online

Tip # 2:

You can signup with Udemy, Skillshare, or Teachable, etc. upload your course with a small video to explain your course and its benefits for the people who will learn this skill.

For eBooks, Amazon Kindle Store is one of the top platforms to publish your eBooks and sell them in many countries such as US, Canada, UK, all Europe, Brazil, Japan, and even India. You can set your price according to the loyalty fee that you will earn.

3- Start an Informational Website or Blog

Interested in generating passive income? You need an informational website or blog. It’s THE way to make money while you sleep.

If you know that there is some information that is unique or can help people, you can start a website or a blog that you can update regularly so that people can visit your website. The more traffic you will have on your website the more money you can make.

how to make money online with Blog

For web hosting, you can check LiquidWeb.

Tip # 3:

If you are a tech person and can design a WordPress website that is awesome, you can buy a domain from different domain selling platforms such as Godaddy, Namecheap, etc. and host your website with good hosting providers such as Bluehost and Liquid web.

A lot of my friends are using Namecheap but also Godaddy and Bluehost are good for website hosting.

The next important thing is SEO for your website, you can learn how to do SEO or you can signup with a platform to manage SEO for your website.

I like Semrush because they have good pricing options and also there are a number of courses to learn content marketing and SEO.

If you don’t know how to make a website? DON’T you worry! because there are All in One platforms where you can make a pretty website.

You might have heard about and today there are a lot of them who are providing these services but try to compare their plans and features and choose the right one.

4- Affiliate Marketing

Whether you have a website, community following on social media or still dreaming up ideas for a blog, you can look into affiliate marketing as an option to make a good amount of money per month.

This is the idea that can make you a millionaire because there are thousands of products and platforms to earn money as an affiliate marketer. The important thing is that you must have a good following, website traffic, or community to promote the product or the service.

how to make money online with affiliate marketing

Tip # 4:

You can signup with different affiliate programs but there are few things that you need to consider before signup with them.

Are you advertising/promoting a digital product or physical product?

What is your priority regarding the commission and cookie time? Do you need a maximum cookie time or maximum commission?

You will have to consider things like Payout conditions, acceptance criteria, competition and size of the market etc.

Also, some of the advertisers will not allow you to utilize social media or restrictions on the advertising material.

So you can signup with Affiliate marketplaces or brands such as CJ Affiliate, Shareasale, Amazon Associates, eBay Partner Network, Clickbank, etc and set up your profile and list the primary source where you will advertise or promote the product or service search the product or services that you want to promote, get the approval from the advertiser/owner of the product or service and start promoting it through reference links which will make you money once a sale is done through your link.

How UpFuel Made $90,000 with Amazon Associates Program?

5- Drop-Shipping or Drop-Servicing

Drop-shipping or Drop-servicing isn’t a new concept but still implementing the right model in the time of technology and awareness is the key thing. By drop-shipping or drop-servicing model, you don’t need to handle the delivery of the product or complete the ordered services, but it’s the third party who will handle the delivery of the product or complete the ordered services.

how to make money online with drop-shipping

What you need to do is…..???

Do some research, select a niche, and a supplier with a good reputation. You can select the products from that supplier and promote them on your eCommerce website, a social media page, or you can utilize youtube even. Once you get the order from a customer, you can place the order on the customer’s behalf with the supplier and the supplier will deliver the product.

Wondering how you will make money in this way???

Yes! you make money by setting a price with your profit margin when you promote the product. In the same way, you can promote the services and get your orders completed by someone who is an expert in the field.

Tip # 5:

For dropshipping, you need to select a niche product and a supplier, make a list of them with their links and share them on social media pages or you can list the products on your website if you have one.

For example, I am drop-shipping wireless products and I choose my products from Aliexpress. Initially, I used to maintain a list of such products with their links and prices but now I am using Shopify where you can import the product information using Oberlo.

You can set reselling price including your profit margin, once you have received an order from the customer, you can place the same order with the original supplier since you don’t have the product so the original supplier will deliver the product to the customer and you can make your money from the profit margin.

Why you deserve to take this profit because you are suggesting customers the selective products that are not easy to find locally or even on the internet.

Some Important mentions

Apart from the above, I am listing some important ideas that will make you good money online.

Youtube Vlog – Although criteria have become difficult but still, if you qualify for monetization you can make a lot of money through ads.

Social Media Management and Advertising Agency – This business can be a good example of Drop-Servicing but if you choose to complete the projects/orders by yourself or with the team of experts you can invoice your clients and make money every month.

Forex Trading – If you have good knowledge of financial markets, and you can learn the trading strategies, you can make millions in months but to do forex trading you need to invest the money in start. Also; the risk factor isn’t pleasing but the more risk you take the more money you make. Nowadays there are lot of online platforms that you can use for trading. i.e., IQOptions

Podcasting – You can start podcasting, build a community, you can get sponsors for your podcasting. You can talk about the sponsor for 10-15 min during your podcast and you can make thousands of dollars.

If you like this article, let me know with your comments and also share this article with others so that more people can get help from this information.

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