How to Make Money on Etsy by Selling Printables –Beginner’s Guide

How to Make Money on Etsy by Selling Printables


Interested to know the secrets on How to Make Money on Etsy by Selling Printables? Printables are digital files that someone can print out on their home printer like checklists, gift tags, labels, wall art, party decorations, invitations, etc. I sell printable games for bachelorette parties and other digital files that I make on my computer.

I love selling on Etsy because it allows me to be creative and also I like that this side hustle is very passive. The only thing I do after I make the printable is answer customer questions which I get maybe once per month. My Etsy shop, has over 800 sales!

What is the process involved to sell printables on Etsy?

The first thing you have to do is actually make the printable on your computer. When I started I used the free online graphic design tool Canva which allows you to pick colors, fonts, and graphics to make up the printable. I also got inspired by what I already saw on Etsy and on Pinterest and tried to make printables that looked like the popular ones but maybe had 1 or 2 things different to make mine stand out.

I’m not a graphic designer so my first printable didn’t look great but the funny thing is that one of my first printables is my bestseller. I make printables in the bachelorette party niche and customers have very different expectations (lower) than in the wedding invitation niche!

After you make the printables, you upload the file to Etsy along with listing pictures. Some people print them out on their home printer and take pictures with their phone or camera. Other people just “fake” the images by getting stock photos and applying their product over it.

For example, if you are selling nursery wall art, you can find a stock photo of a flowers where the wall art is a blank frame. Then you can put your printables you made on top of that image and it looks like it’s actually in the picture and not fake. 


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Do you have to be creative to start selling printables?

No! I like being creative but don’t consider myself a creative person. I actually use Pinterest to get inspiration for a lot of my printables and I just pin things I like to my boards.

I have boards for printables for all different events like Christmas, Halloween, Fourth of July, Mother’s Day and I just keep seeing all of these different ideas and pinning them throughout the year. That approach helps me think of new things to make and I don’t stress about having to be creative or come up with something genius!

Is there any costs?

It costs 20 cents to list your first product on Etsy and you can find free fonts, graphics, and design tools to make the printable. That’s what I love about selling things on Etsy because it’s super inexpensive and there are no monthly fees like with other platforms such as Shopify. It felt min risk to get started.

Digital sellers have the time to make the first item and then hundreds of customers can buy it by just downloading it. No shipping involved.

Why Etsy for selling?

I chose Etsy because I love buying things on Etsy. If I need to buy someone a gift, that’s where I look because everything is super trendy and personalized. For example, my best friend just closed on her first home so I sent her a housewarming gift from Etsy. There is a huge market for printables on Etsy and it’s a great place to sell printables because you can get them in front of Etsy’s 35 million+ customers!

How much money can you make on Etsy by selling printables?

I think it’s reasonable to make between $800-$1,000 per month on this side hustle if you find out you love it and really want to put time into it. There are some printable sellers who are making tens of thousands or six figures per year but they do it as a full-time job.

Selling printables is a great choice for making extra money online.

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