11 Simple and Surprising Ways to Get Paid while Walking

11 Simple and Surprising Ways to Get Paid while walking

I love finding ways to make money doing what we already do in our daily life. Walking is something we do every day either to stay fit or for any other purpose.

What if you could get paid to walk?

It might sound too good to be true, but there are many ways you can earn some extra cash or gift cards for walking.

I work from home, and I always make sure that I get my daily dose of exercise. Whether it is walking, running, weight training, etc., you can get rewarded for the activities you do.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when you think of earning extra money to walk.

  • Getting paid to walk is just a form of extra income, like watching videos or doing surveys
  • It can take some time to see good cash via these apps, but the best part is, you can get these apps to get rewarded for the activity you already do
  • It’s best to choose the apps which can integrate with your fitness apps on your phone

Here are some ways to get paid to walk,


Achievement is one of the most popular apps for tracking your fitness with over 3 million downloads. This app can integrate with other fitness apps and record your activities like running, walking, meditation, yoga, biking, etc. You can also log in to track your sleep, meals, do health-related surveys to get rewarded.

You can earn $10 for every 10,000 points earned, and you get paid through PayPal, Check, or you can donate to charity.


Stepbet’s premise is more towards making walking a competitive game. You bet on yourself to achieve your steps goal, and you win the money once you meet your goal. Once you win, you will be splitting the total amount with other winners and the profits.

Most of the games are six weeks long, and the betting money is around $40, though depending on the duration of the game. Remember, Stepbet will take a cut of 15% of the total amount.


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HealthyWage is another website offering a different approach to get paid to walk. Like Stepbet, you will be betting on your weight loss with your wager. First, you need to calculate your weight and your weight loss goals.

Once you calculate your winning prize with their online calculator, you can start betting and achieving your weight loss goal. How much you win depends on the goal weight, the time you take to complete it, and the contributions you make. Learn more about this website through our HealthyWage review.


Sweatcoin is an excellent addition to your walking apps. It connects to your fitness apps on your phone and starts tracking your steps. It’s as simple as that. I have tried this app, and the only downside is that any indoor activity is not counted. You have to walk outdoors to record your steps as it uses GPS to track them.

There are two types of offers like Daily offers (which get updated every day) and Marathon offers. Another way to pool up your earnings is to invite friends to join.

Charity Miles

Are you thinking of doing something good with your fitness regime? Download Charity miles, which is one of the unique apps that donate to your chosen charity with your daily fitness activities. They have over 40 charities listed, and you can do any exercise outdoors or indoors to get your miles.

Just download the app that is available both on Apple and Android and start walking.


Another app that lets you stay fit and earn rewards. Lympo app works both indoors (aka treadmill) or outdoor fitness activities, which is a big plus when you are stuck at home. Once you download the app, connect your fitness tracker, you pick a challenge, and get rewarded once you finish it. They have LYM rewards, which you can use to buy products in-app shop.

PK Rewards

One of the most significant advantages of PK Rewards is that it tracks many activities like walking, running, playing a sport, etc. You collect coins with your activities and redeem them for gift cards, trips, or apparel. Though the app is free, you can upgrade to Pro or Max account to earn more coins.

No matter how many coins you earn with a free account, you can only transfer 20 coins to your bank (to be redeemed).

Jumpa (Australia)

Jumpa is a relatively new fitness app in the Australian market. You can earn points for your activities by using a tracker to track your fitness levels. Another way to earn points is through challenges. They offer free membership and premium membership, which allows you to earn more points. You can redeem your points for products from participating fitness partners.

Walgreen Balance Rewards

With Walgreens Balance rewards, you can track your activities like walking, running, sleep, taking your blood pressure, etc. for getting the Balance Rewards points. Sign up on Walgreen’s website and download the app to get started.

You can use your points as redemption dollars at Walgreens.


LifeCoin is pretty much similar to Sweatcoin. They reward you for fitness activities like running, walking, etc. but only outdoors. The basic membership is free, where you get capped at earning 10 Lifecoins. You can upgrade to premium membership if you want to earn more.

You can use your coins for gift cards, merchandise, and more. They are also offering an Ambassador program to earn more doing your fitness regime.

Fit For Bucks

I like Fit For Bucks for the diverse range of activities they track like gym classes, hiking, running, walking, a grocery run, etc. They also have a wide range of rewards you can redeem for the points you accrue. You need to download the app for Apple or Android devices, integrate with your fitness tracker, and start working out.

The only downside of the app is that it is only available in LA, USA, for now. They plan to expand the app to other states in the future.

Keeping yourself fit is vital for your physical and mental health, whether you work from home or have a desk job. If you can put in some extra cash in your pocket to do whatever fitness activity you like, it’s a win-win.


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