How to Build 5 Income Sources that can Make $50,000/Month

Making money online is about creating multiple income streams for cash flow every month

If you’re not happy with your job or just want to make more money, I’ve got five income sources you can use to make thousands a month. In fact, I’ve made over $350,000 from these five sources alone and just closed January at over twenty-thousand dollars!

I’ll show you how to get started, how much you can make and how to ditch the rat race forever!


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Online Income is the REAL Path to Financial Independence

Nation, let me tell you a story and see if it
sounds familiar. I hated my first jobs after college. I worked in corporate
finance because I thought that was the career path I wanted. The work gave me
no freedom to make my own decisions, I had no control over my income and it
felt like nothing I did really mattered.

So I latched on to the idea of early retirement. I saved every penny, took side jobs, all for that idea of Financial Independence Early Retirement; I mean, I was FIRE before FIRE was a thing.

But, and this is the reason that whole FIRE
movement is bullshit, nobody really knows what IT is or what it really means.

At best, you get rich, retire early and become
a sun-burnt alcoholic. At worst, you’re chasing a dream that keeps you chained
to the old way of work, a slave to the 9-to-5 grind!

Thinking about this, I realized I needed to
create something else. I not only needed to create that income I could live on
but something that would give me a purpose and make retirement pointless.

Six years later and I’ve made over $360,000
from my online income sources; and cleared $20,000 in the last month alone. I
grew my monthly income by over 70% last year!

online income review year
Online Income Sources through 2019

Much more than the cash flow though, the five
income streams I’m going to show you today have given me that sense of control
over my financial future, they’ve given me a purpose that get’s my ass out of
bed in the morning and I can’t imagine not doing this every day.

So I’m going to open up the books, show you directly from my income spreadsheet, the sources I use to make money, how much you can make and how to get started!

*Watch the video above for that look into my income spreadsheet.

My Favorite Passive Income Source

Here again is my income tracking for all my online business; that’s the blogs, YouTube, everything except freelancing which I haven’t done for a couple of years. And if you scroll all the way back to 2015, you see the first income source I started was self-publishing.

Self-publishing is easier than people give it
credit for. Everyone has a book idea in them, right? What’s that book you
wanted to right? The one where you’re an orphan that finds out he’s a wizard
and has to fight the evil sorcerer that killed your parents.

I bet that would be a good one!

So if we go to the separate tab where I track
my book revenue, I’ve made just under $85,000 on 12 books and that doesn’t
include the fifteen-grand from selling the rights to one of these last
December, so actually right around a hundred grand.

Scroll down to the graphic and it’s been
pretty consistent. I published quite a few books quickly but then took about 30
months off to work on other income streams, otherwise this number would be much
higher by now.

Understand when I say self-publishing, I mean
writing out a book and uploading it to Amazon to sell as an ebook on Kindle.
You’ll also sell it as a paperback and should record an audio version to really
max out your income.

We’ve got a playlist on the channel for
self-publishing and I just published a book detailing my entire process from
developing your idea to making writing easy. I don’t want to spend too much
time here since we’ve already got the videos on self-publishing, I want to
spend more time on the income sources we haven’t talked about yet but I do have
three tips to get you started and making money.

For the first time ever, I’m revealing the entire strategy I’ve used to self-publish 12 books on Amazon and average over $2,100 a month in passive income. In Self-Publishing for Passive Income, you’ll learn everything you need from getting a book idea to making writing easy and selling more books.

Three Tips to Self-Publish a Book and Make Money

First is don’t feel like you have to be the
world’s expert on a subject to write a book about it. People don’t buy books
for the information, they buy books for the transformation. And there’s no
better way to help them achieve that transformation than sharing your own personal
story of growth.

Your experience has value and that’s what you
put in the book.

So research the topic, everything someone would need to know to achieve that transformation but don’t overlook your own stories and your personality as a piece of that.

Next is to build this into your content
strategy. What I mean by that, and this is something we’ll talk about next, is
that you’ll probably have a blog or YouTube channel, something to help promote
these income sources. So you’re having to create content regularly, writing
posts or doing videos for the channel.

Make this all easier by combining the two.
Plan out your book from first to last chapter and write one a week for your

I see so many would-be self-publishers that sit down to write an entire book and just get stuck watching the cursor blink on the computer. Don’t try to write a book. Write one chapter at a time, use that for content on your blog or your channel, then when it’s all finished, put it together, refine it a little and you’ve got your book finished!

Not only is this an easy way to write and keep
you from that writers’ block but those blog posts are going to be instant
marketing once your book is launched.

Finally here is that it’s all about your book launch, that first week or two when your book is available on Amazon. If you can rank the book on Amazon with some initial sales, it takes very little after that to keep a book ranked and making sales on the world’s larges ecommerce website.

To get those first sales, it’s going to take a
little more directness than most people are used to so this is going to be a
growth experience for a lot of you. But you need to start talking to people a
month in advance and then directly ask them to buy a copy during that launch

This isn’t something that you can just drop a
post on your Facebook feed and figure people will click through. You have to
ask them in a personal message because that’s the only way to really get the
results you need.

Using Affiliate Marketing as an Income Stream

Next I started making money with affiliate marketing, first a few hundred dollars and growing steadily to over $6,000 last month.

Now we should probably back up here and talk
about that idea of blogging or having a YouTube channel and making money.

When most people say the make money blogging,
what they actually mean is from all these sources we’ll talk about like
self-publishing, affiliates, sponsors and their own products. A blog itself is
just a bunch of pages and words on the internet. It doesn’t MAKE money but it
brings people, that’s your distribution.

Think of it like the local Kwiki-Mart. The
bags of Cheetos and bottles of yoo-hoo, that’s the stuff that’s actually making
money. The Kwiki-Mart is just how you get those Cheetos to the customer. In the
same way, these income sources are how you make money but you need that blog or
channel to get them in front of your customers.

Now I want to keep this video focused on those income sources but I’ve got a free checklist on how to start a blog that I’ll link to below. It’s going to give you everything you need from getting online to growing your blog and make it all super-easy so make sure you check that out.

FREE 5-Day Build-a-Blog Course…Get Your Free Checklist and Video Course Now

But I want to get back to affiliates because
this can be a huge revenue source and it’s really easy to do.

Affiliate marketing is just talking about a
product or a service then putting a link that people can click on to learn more.
If they go to the website and end up buying the product, you get a commission.

Now there are a couple of warnings here for
affiliate marketing. First is you don’t want to be selling out to just any
product. This is your community, your blog readers, and you don’t want to
alienate them by being a shill for shitting products. So you only partner with
affiliates or products you use or ones you’d recommend to your mother.

Another warning is, you’re not going to make
money talking about just any product. You’ve got a niche for your blog, so you
generally talk about a certain topic. That means you’re going to attract people
interested in that topic and you can market products around it. For example
talking about the new Black & Decker Toaster, no matter how great it is, on
your pet grooming blog…probably isn’t going to get too many sales.

Find the half dozen or so products that really
solve a problem for your audience and stick with those.

Now if we jump back into my income report
it…kinda looks like I’m breaking my own rule here with 68 affiliates I’ve
worked with but understand, this is over six years, six blogs I’ve owned and
the YouTube channel, so there’s a lot of different topics I’ve covered.

So I’ve made just over $147,000 on affiliate
commissions and last month was over $6,000 alone. But if we look at these top
performers, really only a handful produce the biggest share of this income.
Just four of these account for 60% of the total income and you can see in
January that just four affiliates were 80% of the income so definitely that
less is more rule.

We’ve got Blue Host here which is the web hosting that I use for my blogs and recommend to new bloggers. We’ve got M1 Finance and Webull, the two investing sites I’m using most lately. We’re using M1 Finance for our 2020 dividend portfolio and I love the features on Webull for research and stock trading.

The other big affiliate here has been Fundrise, the real estate investing site I started using last year and am really happy with. I invested $1,000 last October and have already made $20 in dividends and $24 in appreciation, so a 4.4% gain in just four months.

Tips to Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

So you can make a lot of money with affiliates
and I want to show you how to set this up and a few tips to be successful.

The easiest way to get started making money
here is to join what’s called an affiliate network. These are sites like CJ
Affiliates or Share-a-Sale that connect affiliates with publishers, that’s you.

You go to these affiliate networks, search for
products and companies relevant to your topic and ones you use. If they have a
program, you’ll get a special link that will track when someone clicks on it
and credit your commission if they buy something.

Now you can’t just start spamming these little
links all over the internet. It’s annoying and people aren’t going to buy
something just because you said to. You have to actually demonstrate the
product, compare it to some of the alternatives or basically provide some kind
of information that answers a question for people. You provide that information
about the product, your experience using it and then let people make their own
decision whether it’s right for them.

That’s how you serve your community at the
same time as making money with affiliates. Answer the questions and let people
make their own decision.

Now on to a couple of tips to make as much
money with affiliates as possible. First is, like we talked about, find those
few products that really solve a problem for your community. Focus on answering
every single question around those four or six products.

You also want to do this in a few different
types of posts. So we talked about comparison posts where you compare
alternatives, for example if Coca-Cola was an affiliate then you’d make a post
comparing Coke and Pepsi and as many of the other alternatives as possible like
Dr Pepper or juice drinks, really give people as much detail as possible.

You can also do detailed step-by-step reviews
of a product; tell people exactly how to use it for maximum effect and share your
experience. Finally maybe you can even do a video review of it.

Getting Sponsorships for Your Blog or Channel

The next income source I started making money from was sponsored posts and sponsorships. Now there are some slight differences between these two income sources so I probably could list them separately.

Sponsored posts are when someone pays you to
put an article on your blog, usually with a link back to their website. It
helps get the word out for their product and adds a little SEO value for their
search traffic. You’ll get lots of offers for $30 or $50 for these but even a
small blog should be charging $100 minimum for a post and I’ve seen this as
high as a thousand.

The real money though is in those traditional
sponsorship ideas, so a company pays you to represent it and try out the
product. I’ve just started doing these over the last couple of years but it’s
already more than half that total $45,000 I’ve made from the two income

Sponsored posts will pretty much come to you
but you’ll have to work a little to get sponsors. Look around similar blogs and
YouTube channels to see what other bloggers are promoting. Another good
resource is the sponsor list for conferences in your topic, so which companies
are paying for booth space or sponsoring the conference.

Reach out to these sponsors by email and make
your pitch. You might start by asking for a demo copy of their product to test
out or ask what’s worked in the past with their advertising. For how much to
charge sponsors, look at how much traffic you usually get for videos or blog
posts. Then estimate how many of those visitors click through for affiliates or
links and apply that number to rates you find on Google Adwords for keywords
related to the product. That’s how much the company would expect to pay for
that kind of traffic and you can generally start negotiating around that

You don’t need to be a professional athlete or
some makeup diva to get sponsors and it’s an income source that can really make
you a lot of money.

How to Make Money on YouTube

So I know I said that a blog or a YouTube channel is your distribution and really doesn’t MAKE money itself…but there is an exception here and you see it in this line for YouTube ads. I made just over $1,200 in the first month YouTube was showing ads on the videos and have seen that grow to over $8,000 in January.

So YouTube can be that product all by itself
because the platform shows commercials and ads on your videos. I also make
money through these other sources; so talking about affiliates and getting
sponsorships, I make money through YouTube with those as well but the ads have
been a surprisingly big source of income.

Starting and growing a YouTube channel is a
whole series of videos in itself so I want to link to one that will get you
started in the description below. There’s just so much here to talk about from
getting started and making videos to growing a channel.

What I can tell you is that ANYONE can be
successful on YouTube. I mean, look at me. We’re talking a face perfect for
radio and my voice is somewhere between Gilbert Godfried and a whiny five-year

Click to reserve your spot at the FREE YouTube Quick-start Webinar! I’m sharing three strategies that helped me grow my YouTube channel and double my business income and I guarantee they WILL work for you. Seats are limited for the webinar so make sure you reserve yours.

Creating Courses for a Consistent Income Stream

Our next income source is another kind of
catch-all. So if you scroll through here you see I started my first course in
December 2018 and since then I’ve added another course and a few other

So this is not just video courses but products like spreadsheets I sell through the blogs. I’m still developing these but I feel like this could really be the next level for the business.

For example, this investing spreadsheet I’m
developing right now. This thing is going to have some features you won’t find
anywhere else. You’ll be able to analyze your portfolio, compare a stock
against sector averages or another stock, just lots of unique information all
done automatically in the spreadsheet.

Being able to create a product like a course
or even a traditional physical product, it works on so many levels. You won’t
have to settle for just a commission like with affiliates. It’s something that
you can keep selling, unlike sponsorships which you have to keep trying to
renew. Products are where your business needs to evolve if you’re going to
start making real money.

One way to get started here is just to think about your self-published books, so maybe converting those into a video course. You can also think about what are those most frequent questions you get from readers, how can you answer those questions or those needs with a product.

make money bookmake money book

Just published, the ultimate resource for making money blogging. This 178-page guide details nine income sources bloggers are using to make money. It starts with the easiest and quickest sources to make money on new blogs before giving you everything you need to make six figures blogging. Each chapter tells you how much you can make from each source and how to get started.

Check out Make Money Blogging on Amazon Kindle, paperback or audiobook.

Even though you can make a lot of money with any of these income sources, you’ll notice how I’ve used all of them together to really grow the business over these six years. The cash flow from any of these can be volatile from month to month but together, they really give you a chance to build something amazing!

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